Visit us to Grow Plants and Community in Berkeley Springs!

Visit us to Grow Plants and Community in Berkeley Springs!

InsideOut Wholeness has been an urban operation since our inception in 2019 (and really long before that). All that herbal magic has been grown in our tiny backyard garden, except that which we have gathered in the woods.

Our Baltimore garden, exploding with life!

As of this Monday, however, we are taking root in the freedom of the Mountains! We have been extremely blessed with the opportunity to begin a regenerative agriculture project in a clear-cut field, backing up to Cacapon State Park in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia! We hope to be good and helpful additions to the community of plants and animals in this valley and the community of people in this area.

We want to see you! We are working on plans for natural building, earthworks, irrigation and herb cultivation. And as you can see, there’s plenty of room to camp!

Have you ever been to Berkeley Springs? It’s pure magic! Cacapon Mountain sits on a really special aquifer, which supplies healing, mineral-rich waters to a warm spring in town, as well as to wells along Warm Springs Ridge, right where we’re growing! Our spot is also an easy walk to Cacapon State Park, which offers delightful camping cabins, a dammed stream for fishing and swimming, and miles and miles of hiking trails!

Hopefully, we will soon have a schedule for week-long open visiting times all Summer. For now, the only dates we can say for sure is a long weekend in May. By May’s newsletter, we hope to have a decently fleshed-out calendar for the summer.

Raised bed made with materials found on site, lined with used cardboard boxes.

Come see us Friday, May 7 through Monday, May 10! You are welcome to camp for free (though you shouldn’t expect any amenities. We may or may not have a well and composting toilet yet). Or you can stay in the state park or any of the other local accommodations and chill with us during the day. Activities will include building, planting and wildcrafting.

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