The Art of Manifesting

Manifesting is the art of bringing something from your mind or heart into reality. In some ways we all do it: ‘Mmmmm…I want pizza’ Whether the next step is calling for delivery, visiting a restaurant (whether the front door or the dumpster), opening the freezer, or mixing dough from scratch, if you have pizza within 24 hours, you manifested it!

Obviously, pizza is one of the easier things to manifest. Generally, the more unique, important and fulfilling the idea, the harder it will be to bring it to fruition. But challenge makes us stronger, so that shouldn’t be a deterrent. Here are a few simple steps to keep in mind when trying to make this happen!

1. Communicate clearly.

If you want to make things happen, the first thing you need to do is know what you want. Say it out loud. Better yet, write it down. Be specific. This morning I found a picture I drew last year when we were shopping for a mini-van. The crayon version is blue, and based on the shape, about 10 years older, than the beige 2008 one we ended up with. But I definitely didn’t want an expensive, barely-used model with automatic doors and a DVD player. By drawing an older one, I feel I communicated that to myself and to the Universe.

Whatever you call the divine, creative power that surrounds us, don’t forget to let them in on your plans. That’s part of what clear communication does–it shares your exact desires with the powerful forces surrounding us. Speaking things out loud, praying, writing and drawing are all ways of doing this.

2. Be generous.

It is my firm belief that the Universe is generous with those who share. It is CERTAINLY true that there are BILLIONS of people who have been cheated out of land, resources, and opportunity. and there is a tiny elite that takes and takes without compunction. But to me, this does not disprove the idea that the forces of the universe are more likely to assist those with good intentions. It just means that there are some who have figured out how to temporarily game that system, but who will almost certainly get their comeuppance in this life or another. Within each social milieu I have always found the most generous people to be the most bounteous, even if their bounty has littl or no no monetary value.

So if you want, for example, a new home, and can imagine into the plans being conscientious about what you do with your current home (working hard not to play into gentrification or real estate inflation, being considerate of your current neighbors, caring well for what will become someone else’s’ home, not being unnecessarily wasteful in the moving process, etc., etc.) and having the same considerations for how you interact with possible future neighborhoods, I believe your search will be more fruitful.

But generosity is NOT selflessness! The world is a better place when each of us works for what is best for ourselves and our family, while considering the needs of others. Indeed, it can be downright patronizing to make assumptions about the needs of others.

3. Stay flexible.

OK, so you have your plans that you’ve communicated to yourself and the Universe. Then you see an opportunity that looks very different from what you imagined, but feels really right and possible and good. What do you do?

Sit with it. Don’t jump on everything you see, whether it appears to match what you wanted or not. But also don’t walk away from anything simply because it looks different from the picture in your mind.

I have been thinking A LOT as we plan to make some big changes in our lives, how surprised my 20 year old self (even more so my 35 year old self) would be to hear what the plan is. But then I think about how miserable I could be if my life had gone the way I imagined it. Part of being human is never having the whole picture. Faith is the power to trust the process and accept the good which is presented to you, even when you don’t yet know what to do with it.

4. Seek assistance.

Going along with communication from tip #1, communicating to other people, plants and animals can help enlist their support as well!

I’m sure stronger medicine is made from plants whose assistance has been requested from them by their harvesters. And most people want to be helpful, so letting people in on your plans at the right time can give them incentive to help — just to be part of the magic!

But keep in mind that some people will have a lot of opinions. This can be good and helpful, and can be quite a blessing. But be clear with yourself about what you want before bringing your ideas to people who will offer a lot of critique.

5. Enjoy the journey.

It’s easy to get so caught up in our goals that we forget to savor the present. I have several friends who have been delaying gratification and happiness for years, working themselves sick in the hopes of eventually having enough money or a tenured position and being able to relax and finally live. This looks like a recipe for regret from where I’m sitting.

If you can’t be happy until you can leave your 6 bedroom mansion for a cruise up the Seine, you should probably do some soul searching.

If life is stressful and full, go for a walk. Talk with a friend. Eat good, nourishing foods and drink plenty of water. Turn off the screens and stare at a leaf for a change. Even if you’re short on time and funds, it’s vital to work some joy into every day. Besides helping your physical, emotional and mental health, this will help keep your mind clear and your perspective fresh, which will help you bring good energy to your manifesting magic.

6. Stay alert.

There is a big difference between trusting the process and going with the flow. The former implies holding on to your own power while not trying to exert undue power over others or over the situation. The latter implies giving up your own power.

Our media-saturated society is rife with things that appear to be “opportunities” but are really traps. And they can be very hard to spot. One of the best moves I’ve made in the last few years that didn’t involve parenting was getting my Master’s Degree from Goddard College. I found them in an advertisement in the Alternative Education Resources Organization newsletter. On the other hand, close friends have encouraged me to use discipline methods with my children (like chore charts) that I know from my research at Goddard will undermine their innate desire to be helpful and civic-minded.

So I can’t say that everything coming from trusted, personal sources is going to be great, nor can I say that advertisements are never indications of great opportunities.. All I can say is keep your eyes open, be clear about your values, stay curious, and don’t beat yourself up for making moves that don’t work out. Which brings me to my last tip.

7. Be gentle with yourself.

I make wrong moves all the time. On top of those, I do things that are fine, but could have been done better. If I stopped moving to harangue myself every time, I’d never get anything done.

On the flip side, if I always barreled forward without reflecting on my mistakes, I’d be a jerk.

So be patient. Be gentle. Go slow. As you step out on faith, ask yourself what you need to feel more secure. Or as you sit comfortably, appreciating your security, ask yourself what your soul longs for; how you could stretch your wings. Then find small ways to begin the journey.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your writing 🙂

  2. Love this blog post Iris! You did a wonderful job explaining manifesting in simple easy to follow steps. I specifically resonated with #3. Stay Flexible! I have found that we could all benefit from understanding that the universe has so much more in store for us than we could ever imagine. While manifesting I like to say “this is what I want but if there is something even better out there for me, bring it on!”
    Keep Rockin Iris!

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