Spring Re-Setting

After creating the Spring Re-Set package, I decided to give it a try. The results were wonderful: a week later I feel and look better and have soooo much more energy! What follows is a full report on what to expect.

First, I should explain (or, if you subscribe to our newsletter, remind you) that InsideOut Wholeness is in a big transition and that we expect to have very exciting news to share soon! So, unlike the Fall reset I did and posted about on IG, I couldn’t completely dedicate my life to this.

From your perspective, though, that’s probably better. Many people’s schedules don’t allow them to spend a whole week at the change of every season dedicating 1-3 hours a day to self care (even if it does involve getting up earlier, finding extra time there, and even if the change in energy level means you can do a lot more with the remaining time). For this, I just went on about my business and still had great results!

The first thing I did was start taking the Spring Cleaning Tonic. I took an 8oz bottle and put it in the middle of my kitchen counter with a shot glass, so I wouldn’t forget to take it. (I have been measuring small quantities for long enough that I can eyeball a tbsp in a shot glass. You make it work for you.) Since I know that, with most herbs, consistency is key, I wanted it to be convenient and easy to take.

I started taking it after dinner on Saturday. It is a strong taste, mostly vinegary, tempered with the honey and deepened with the flavors of the herbs. That’s part of why I used a shot glass; there’s a little less lingering taste then with a spoon. But it’s not gross or unpleasant at all, just strong.

Taking it on a full stomach felt immediately awesome. I felt it help my digestion and it reduced the sense of fullness after a heavy meal. After a week of experimenting, I recommend taking it after food.

The next morning, I tried taking some on an empty stomach. It didn’t feel great or terrible. It didn’t make my stomach hurt, exactly, just felt a little…cold? …sour? It was fine, but on subsequent days I waited until after breakfast.

I took it again after lunch and really felt great. I had a lot more energy than I’d had in the past few weeks, and was able to get a lot done without rushing or stressing. I had more after dinner and went to open a beer. I decided I didn’t feel like having beer, and that maybe I should take a break from drinking for a few days. The decision felt harmonious and easy.

The next day I took the tonic after meals and continued feeling amazing. I didn’t feel like coffee, either, so I had a cup of black tea. I walked somewhere that I might have driven, and it felt great. I also felt inclined to stretch a bunch. I have been really off my yoga game. Every few days I complain of an ache, say I should do some yoga, and then don’t do more than a few basic stretches. But my mind and body felt yoked, and the asanas felt right as rain on that sunny Sunday afternoon.

Sunday is also when I started using the Geranium Glow Moisturizer. It took me that long to justify the expense — it really is chock full of amazing but expensive ingredients. But then I remembered that I hope to keep this face for several more decades, and realized it was a small price to pay. I don’t wash my face too often (really hardly ever) but moisturizer works much better on damp skin. So I spritzed my face and neck with Rose Water and slathered it on.

Ooh did it feel good! The smell is so delicate but so lovely, like walking in a garden on a Summer evening. And it’s a great consistency; some people may find it heavy, but I encourage them to give it a few days and see the results.

There’s so much fat-phobia in the media, and I feel it extends to skin care–many people are shocked when I tell them I put salves or even Olive oil on my face. But our skin drinks up oils and they nourish our cells, making the skin more elastic and even. The only time I got break outs was if I washed my face and used oil-free, chemical laden moisturizer, so I stopped doing that in my early 20s and haven’t looked back. And generally, the whole reason anyone asks me what I put on my skin is because they can’t believe I’ve been wearing it around for nearly 40 years and it still looks this good!

Monday was a little different. I kept taking the tonic, and my digestion stayed strong, but by midday I was inexplicably grumpy. This continued until the evening when I remembered that this is a usual side effect of even the most gentle detox. Not only are unneeded chemicals, hormones, fats and water released, but we also tend to process through emotions that are no longer serving us. If you embark on this journey, expect to have some rough patches, and be gentle with yourself.

By Tuesday morning I was feeling great again and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had bright energy, smaller than usual appetite with no desire to overeat, even when the food was delicious, and better sleep than I have had in a long time. I had the occasional piece of leftover valentines chocolate from my Aunt, not to mention some delicious deli from The Essen Room. I say this to assure you that I was not starving myself, or restricting my diet beyond what my body asked for. But I continued to be uninterested in alcohol or coffee until Thursday evening, when I had a beer. It was delicious. I had coffee Friday morning and still slept well Saturday night.

I got a bit of sun all of those three days, despite wearing a hat. The one day that my skin was actually a little pink by evening I opted to use the Beach Rose Moisturizing Spray I still have in my fridge. Turns out it keeps for months if you keep it cold! I’d recommend you keep the Gentle Geranium Moisturizer in the fridge, too, unless your living space is very temperature stable and not too humid. But my skin doesn’t feel painful or dry after all that exposure, so I guess the moisturizer is working!

By Friday I still hadn’t taken my bath. Hmm…when am I going to fit that in? I know from experience that I’ll get best results if I work up a sweat just before getting into the Profundo Detox Bath, and that I’ll feel peaceful and deeply clean afterwards. Maybe I’ll get to it today.

So there you have it. My energy is great, my skin looks and feels bright and smooth and vibrant, my digestion is strong, my sleep is good and my pants fit better than they did at the beginning of the week. No intense liver detox that’s going to rid my body of essential nutrients that my liver has stored. Just a gentle nourishing of all of my organs to prepare me for the busy life of an herbalist in Springtime!

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