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Made-to-order syrups make taking herbs easy and sweet. Please note: Made to Order means these may take up to a week, though usually not that long. Shipping in Winter is fairly safe, but I don’t like to ship them when the weather is warm, because they need to stay cool. Want to pick up at Warm Springs Herbal? Just place an order and include your phone number, and we’ll be happy to arrange a time!



Elderberry Syrup: Dried, organically grown Elderberries are a gentle but powerful immune system boost, organic Ginger root soothes the system and dried organic Thyme leaves add their anti-viral, anti-bacterial powers and raw, local honey adds sweetness and preservation, while also assisting with seasonal allergies.

Directions: Adults and children over 120 lbs- 1 tsp, children btwn 60 and 120 lbs-1/2 tsp, children under 60 lbs-1/4 tsp. For preventative action, take recommended dose 1 or 2 times a day. During illness, take up to 4 times per day until 3-5 days after symptoms clear. For longer shelf life, keep refrigerated. Want an extra boost? Blend 10-30 drops of Echinacea tincture (available on my site or countless other places) on the spoon with the syrup. Echinacea should be taken for no more than 2 weeks at a time, which is why it’s not included in the syrup.

Down a Notch Bedtime Syrup: Chamomile is a tried and true way to wind down, even when energy is still running high. Lemon balm is a favorite for calming jangled nerves and quieting the “Nighttime What Ifs.”Skullcap has become a favorite at my house for its gentle strength, allowing the tension of the day to melt off. All of these herbs are extracted gently in water allowing a fuller effect. Raw, local honey adds sweetness as it preserves.

Directions: Adults and children over 120 lbs-1 tbsp, children btwn 60 and 120 lbs-1tsp, children under 60 lbs-1/2 tsp. For preventative action, take recommended dose approximately 1hour before bedtime. Can be repeated in 1/2 – 1 hour or so if necessary. For longer shelf life, keep refrigerated.

Update: this can be taken during the day to relieve nerve pain! Try it for yourself before taking it at work or before driving, tho, as different people will process it differently.

Anti-Viral Syrup

For those avoiding stimulation of immune response for any reason including auto-immune disorders, this one’s for you. A strong, delicious blend of organic Thyme, my favorite antiviral herb, and freshly grown Oregano, a powerful anti-oxidant, preserved with raw local honey.

These syrups are made to order, so they’re fresh when you order them!!

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  1. Karmina

    My daughter and I get at least one cold each Winter. I just realized it’s not Winter any more, and we didn’t get sick once. We lead lives as normal as possible this year, seeing as many people as possible. I realized the one difference was we took your Elderberry Syrup pretty much every day. Plus it’s delicious. The honey really makes it.

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