Two months of health guidance with Iris

Find balance, find healing, find your magic.



Get ready to go on a treasure hunt. The treasure? A life where you wake up feeling great, and your energy stays clear and bright throughout the day. Where you love your reflection in the mirror. Where you fall sound asleep and sleep all night, and your dreams bring you joy.

Our lives are complicated. There are literally hundreds of factors we deal with on a daily basis that our great grandparents couldn’t have imagined. It’s unusual to find anyone who’s really robustly healthy in this day and age.

But it’s not impossible. And there’s no forced choice between “Western” medicine and “Alternative” medicine. There’s a beautiful balance possible, where we nourish ourselves, allowing our food and the gentlest herbs to help us find and keep our health, and/but/also consult with Doctors and Specialists as the need arises.

Join me, Iris, on a guided treasure hunt to find your healthy, whole self. We’ll explore your constitution from an energetic perspective and look at the constellation of your current realities, including the sensations and experiences in your body and the stressors and joys in your life. Then we’ll work together to map a path to the reality you hope to live.

For two months, I’ll walk with you, checking in regularly, providing you any herbs you need, as well as advice on diet, sleep, exercise and boundaries, all from a place of honoring your wisdom. Ideally, we will meet in person at least once, but it’s not absolutely necessary. We will work within our realities.

After you purchase this ticket, I’ll contact you to schedule. The schedule will include:

  • One, two hour initial consultation. You will receive intake paperwork to return to me before our first meeting.
  • Any tinctures/soaks/syrups Iris feels would benefit you. PLEASE NOTE: we are still getting our farm up and running and DO NOT have much in the way of dried herbs. So if you need herbs for infusions, Iris will tell you where to get them at wholesale prices, but they ARE NOT included in the price.
  • One, thirty to fourty-five minute follow up session two weeks after the initial consultation. This is crucial time for you to clarify the path, and for me to understand what might trip you up and help you navigate a clear path.
  • As much support via text and email (and sometimes brief phone calls) as you need to find your footing throughout the two months. I request that you please keep communications between 9am and 9pm.
  • Another follow up consultation, approximately one hour in length, at the end of the two month period, where we outline next steps for you and make sure you feel confident on your path.

Of course, much can be gained from a longer relationship. We will add an option to continue having a follow-up consultation monthly, with regular check ins and optional pre-payment for herbs.

A healthier, happier, whole-er you is waiting. Let me help you love your whole self.


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