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The same great tinctures of fresh, homegrown, wildcrafted, or certified organic herbs, in organic vodka, blended with care to balance the energetics of the herbs.



Looking for simple tinctures of single herbs? They’re here.

The same great tinctures of fresh, homegrown, wildcrafted, or certified organic herbs, in organic vodka, blended with care to balance the energetics of the herbs. Each herb, like each living being, contains a unique mixture of elements and energies. Combining many herbs that do the same thing the same way can be overkill. But by combining small well-thought-out groups of herbs with different energetics and different effects on the body we have created gentle but powerful potions which allow you to heal from the inside out.

These tinctures are all extracted for a minimum of 6 weeks in organic vodka (40% -45% alcohol). Whenever possible, they are put up on a new moon and extracted one and a half moon cycles later on the full moon, to allow the energy of that cycle to draw out the maximum benefits. But we pick all herbs at the peak of their season and on the driest, sunniest days, so that takes precedence. The herbs are either certified organic or locally grown without GMOs, pesticides or herbicides and harvested by loving hands.

Blends Currently Available:

Allergy Magic — Itchy, watery eyes and sniffly nose getting you down? Soothe inflamed mucus membranes and hamper histamine production with this blend of wildcrafted Nettle, Dead Nettle, Plantain and Cleavers tinctured in organic vodka. Make sure to take this with plenty of water.

Gentle, Gentle — A soothing blend of nervines to help take the edge off and encourage deep, restful sleep.

Ease the Pressure –Hawthorn Berry, Passionflower and Japanese Knotweed come together to reduce inflammation and help regulate blood pressure. If the intended recipient of this heart healing is heavily medicated, they may prefer safe, nutritious Hawthorn Berry Tincture!

Lymph Mover — Our bodies are around 80% water, mostly in the form of blood and lymph. These channels carry hormones, nutrients, antibodies and metabolic wastes though our bodies, and if they get congested, we can easily loose our flow. Keep things moving with this blend of Chamomile, Calendula and Cleavers, all homegrown or wildcrafted, in organic vodka. Make sure to take this with plenty of water.

Paint Your Blues Purple — Stress, grief, fear, lonelineness and loss are on the prowl these days. Free yourself from their clutches with a bouquet of flower power! Mimosa, Passionflower, Motherwort, Bleeding Heart, Violet root and Honeysuckle, all wildcrafted or homegrown, tinctured variously in organic vodka, organic glycerine and local grain alcohol will soothe and strengthen your heart and spirit.

Spleen Magic — Temper excess heat in the body while stimulating digestion and elimination. Contains organic Ginger, wildcrafted Chickweed, Dandylion and Burdock and homegrown Calendula in organic vodka and local grain alcohol. Make sure to take this with plenty of water.

Slow Down, Sweetness — Diabetes is a murderer. It steals people’s happiness, then their lives. Multiple studies have shown that Barberry, Tulsi and Cinnamon can all help our bodies remember how to process sugars, including increasing insulin production. Take with each meal.

Three Fires — Rekindle your digestive fire with these three potent warmers. Locally grown, chemical-free Turmeric and Ginger combine with organic, Fair Trade Black Pepper to bring forth strong digestion, helping our bodies burn through free radicals, metabolic wastes, extra fat and toxins.

Wild Heart — On the edge of our Farm in Berkeley Springs, WV, Wild Roses and Japanese Honeysuckle, fill the air with their rich scents. Tinctured on the spot in a combination of Organic Vodka, Organic Glycerine and a splash of Locally Crafted Gin, this feral loveliness was preserved perfectly, and can now be enjoyed by you, drop by sweet drop. Rose is a heart tonic, strengthening both the physical and emotional heart, while Honeysuckle, in addition to being a powerful anti-viral, assists us in letting go of the past and embracing our present reality.

Until now I offered blends at the same very low price as simples: $12/ounce. However, in the last few months I have realized how much extra work, from research to measuring, goes into the blends, and have decided that it is fair to ask $15 an ounce for these. As with all potions on this site, if the price is prohibitive to you please contact me personally at iris@insideoutwholeness.net.

ALWAYS CONSULT WITH A KNOWLEDGEABLE PRACTITIONER BEFORE STARTING A NEW HERB. EVERYTHING ON THE LABELS IS “SUGGESTED USE ONLY.” Each bottle is labeled with information on the suggested amounts to take. Most are best when taken 2 – 4 x/ day. I am a fan of taking tinctures directly under the tongue and swirling them with saliva for a few moments to fully taste the goodness of the herb and let it absorb into the capillaries under the tongue. Others prefer to mix them with tea, juice or water. Nothing on this website is intended to be medical advice; the FDA had nothing to do with any of this; none of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, nor cure, any disease.

Bottles are new or reused after thorough washing and sterilizing. Droppers are new.

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Spleen Magic, Virus Smasher, Allergy Magic, Lymph Mover, Naus-ease, Paint Your Blues Purple, Take Heart, Wild Heart, Gentle Gentle, Ease the Pressure, Slow Down Sweetness


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  1. Jenn

    Got some Virus Smasher (and Boneset tea) to keep on hand, what with flu season. Welp, a few nights ago I had the tickle and woke up feeling bad. started taking the tincture, a couple a drops every few hours. Made a strong jar of the tea and sipped it regularly, sometiumes with a little whiskey and always with lots a water in between. Sweated a ton the first day, but the aches went quickly, and now I feel great.

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