Quiet Season Sugar Scrub

Sweet and smooth.

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Sure, you’re sweet enough. But Winter is a time to be sweet to yourself; wouldn’t you like to slough off the old and usher in the new?

Many exfoliants are too harsh for use on most people’s skin. You feel soft afterwards but they can be doing long-term damage, taking away layers of skin that are needed for protection and growth.

Fair Trade, organic sugar melts in warm water, exfoliating gently before it melts away. Organic, Fair Trade Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids which bind to dirt and grease, washing them away, and helping skin to rebuild. But Coconut oil can be drying by itself, so we’ve mixed ours with organic Sunflower seed oil and Cocoa butter to help you lock in moisture where it counts.  Locally grown Rosemary leaves and organic Lemon peel bring rich antioxidants to the dance. Recent research shows that Rosemary contains compounds needed for the production of collagen which makes skin supple and elastic.

This lightly scented gentle sugar scrub is the perfect gift for people new to natural body care as well as those who exclusively stock a green pharmacy.


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