Protection Gift Set

Virus Smasher tincture, Lip Balm, & Tigers Eye stone.



A 1oz tincture of a powerful anti-viral blend, to be taken at the first signs of a cold (now known by their medical name-Coronavirus) or flu. In addition to my favorite anti-viral herbs, Thyme and Lemon Balm, this contains Hyssop, a specific against Coronaviruses, Sweet Gum, which is used to make TamaFlu, Cleavers, to move lymph and speed recovery, and Ashwagandha to nourish and tone the system. Wow!
Also included is a pendant or bracelet of ethically-sourced Tigers Eye, which I have used for protection since childhood. If you had any idea the crazy shit I’ve done, you’d believe in its power, too.
And, on a practical note, a tube of luxurious lip balm to protect your kisser from all the dry air and hot tea!


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