Profundo Detox Bath

Sea salt, Epsom salt, and Dulse and Kelp seaweed. Available with or without essential oils.



Bathing in salt water is an ancient detoxification ritual. We think of our bodies as 80% water, but really that’s salt water. So for osmosis to properly rebalance our cells we need to bathe in water with minerals. Of course there’s no substitute for visiting the ocean or a mineral spring. But a similar effect can be achieved in the comfort of your own home with a salt bath.

This blend is sea salt, epsom salt, and two kinds of organically grown seaweed, dulse and kelp, both rich in trace minerals. I’m getting away from relying on essential oils, which is serving me well, and I use this bath without them. However it is also available with a delicate blend of myrrh, oak moss, ylang ylang, and rose.

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Deep Ocean, Deep Bouquet


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