Pay It Forward

Cover the cost of someone else’s herbal medicine.



FREE MEDICINE!!! Underpaid and underappreciated by capitalism? Need anxiety or depression relief, immune support, deep nourishment or any other herbal medicine? Contact me: I got you. .
Are you financially stable? Want to help our siblings in struggle to be well? Consider paying it forward. .
“Pay it forward” is a concept in place in some cafes: people can buy an extra cup of coffee or sandwich when they pay for their own. Then, when someone comes in who can’t afford their cuppa or their grub, it’s already paid for and they can eat.

Since 2020, we have given away hundreds of dollars worth of healing potions to dozens of our siblings in struggle. The medicine did not get made for free, and our pay-it-forward system still hasn’t paid us back for all of it, but we continue to delight in sharing the gifts of the plants and the work of our hands with everyone who needs it.

If your order is only a “pay it forward”, to avoid the shipping cost you can give a Baltimore address and select local delivery. If you do pay the shipping cost, thanks!  It will let us ship medicine to people who need it elsewhere!

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