Lip Balms

Pure herbal lip balms. These are very popular. Now available: Cloud Covered Moon, Cool Kiss, and Divine.



Communication. Nourishment. Love. A lot passes through our lips every day. Are you being gentle with yours?


We get a LOT of compliments on our lip balms. The most common is simply “These are the best lip balms I’ve ever used.”

“My mom is a lip balm fanatic. She has one in her car, one in her purse, one at her desk… she’s always buying them. So when she was impressed, I was super happy. She said it feels great and smells great. And she’s like a connoisseur.”

“I love this lip balm. I used to always use Burt’s Bees but was never crazy about the strong scent/flavor (or the corporate piece). I love the mild scent/flavor in your lip balm.”



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Cloud-Covered Moon, Cool Kiss, Divine

2 reviews for Lip Balms

  1. C. Jackson

    Your lip balms are the best!

  2. Dr. President Zaner

    I never use chapstick because it makes my lips more dry, but this is magical. It may be the only tube of chapstick I ever finish.

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