Itch Zapper

Itch relief spray made from a tincture of plantain, jewel weed, witch hazel, and peppermint in organic vodka, combined with aloe vera and vegetable glycerin.



My grandma always said “I’d rather have a pain than an itch.”

Summertime always feels the itchiest to me, between bug bites, poison ivy, and heat rash. I am literally kept from sleep many nights.

Enter itch zapper. I now keep a bottle of this by my bedside and spray myself when the itching wakes me up.

It is perfectly safe for children, so when my toddler wakes up screaming and kicking me I whip out the itch zapper and zap him back to sleep.

Two ounces, in a spray bottle.

1 review for Itch Zapper

  1. Margot

    This really works and works quickly. I keep mine in the refrigerator for extra cool relief!

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