Heart Warmer Adaptogenic Honey

Raw local Honey with Ashwagandha, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Bee Pollen.

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Raw, local clover honey with powders of locally grown Ashwagandha, organic Cinnamon, spicy organic Ginger, and Bee Pollen.

Theses herbs are specially blended to help our bodies find equilibrium, so that we are poised to handle what life throws at us, from deadlines to viruses, with strength, grace and composure.

Adaptogens, like Ashwagandha, help our bodies function smoothly. They help us adapt to our conditions. It’s up to us to seek conditions that will support us in the long run, and really, it’s vitally important that we do that, rather than trick ourselves into accepting the unacceptable. However, sometimes we need to get through the present to those better conditions. Adaptogens can help.

The warming Cinnamon and Ginger blend are also powerful medicine. These herbs are gentle but powerful aids to digestion and circulation, allowing us to fully use the nourishment in our food. The specific combination is perfectly formulated to carry the magic of the Ashwagandha and every other herb and nourishing food you’re taking in to every tiny cell in every forgotten corner of your being. It’s not much good to let your food be your medicine if you’re not reaping all the benefits of what you eat!

Add to coffee, tea, warm milk or cocktails. Drizzle on toast, fruit or ice cream. Or just eat it off the spoon!


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