Gift Certificate



    Give your loved ones the gift of self-care.

    Gift certificates never expire, and are valid for sale merchandise!

    If you want to give someone a book, get to know them well enough to know what book to give them. But if you want to give someone the healing magic of herbs, even if you know them very well, a gift certificate may be a good choice. People’s needs can change and shift quickly and sometimes the healing someone most wants is for the ailment they least like to talk about.

    These gift certificates are available electronically and/or in print. They can be mailed or emailed to you to give—or mailed or emailed directly to the recipient. Physical copies will be printed in full-color on 8.5×2.5-inch card stock and include the recipient’s name. They can be enclosed in a card if you wish. Each will contain a unique 14-digit code which can be used in person or to order through the website.

    Please allow 24–48 hours for processing.

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    $25, $40, $60, $80, $100


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