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**UPDATE! We will be raising the price for the 2023 season. For a limited time, you can get a share of NEXT year’s CSA for LAST year’s price! Join now and save!**

Join our Community Supported Agriculture club and experience fresh, healing magic straight from the land! For just  $380 (until we raise the price!)  community members will get monthly shares, May-December of 2023. These will consist of 2oz of tincture, 2oz of salve, oil, lotion or scrub, 2oz of dried herbs and a surprise gift every month!

Here are some unsolicited texts we’ve gotten from CSA members in the first three months!

“I was so EXCITED to see my box of goodies this morning…how fun is all of this?”

“Your Sorely Needed balm is already doing its magic!”

“Oh wow! These Herbally treats look wonderful.”

“I wanted to let you know how much I am ENJOYING my monthly goodies! What wonderful products you are producing!”

“Already loving the salve and so excited to try the other products!

Live too far to pick up in B*More or Berkeley Springs? No problem! for a one-time fee of $50, we’ll ship your shares to you!

Don’t happen to have $380 lying around? No worries. You can pay it in thirds, starting with a deposit of $125, with the other $200 due by Mayday.

Click here to order shipping or pay a deposit!

In order to have a successful growing season, we need:

  • seeds, seedlings and transplants from trusted organic and chemical free sources,
  • a pump for our newly-dug well;
  • significant repairs to our only piece of “farm equipment” thus far, a 1992 Ford F150, whose Winter work, once he’s street legal,will largely consist of trips around town for loads of manure and cardboard (cheaper and much more sustainable than chemical fertilizers, but boy do we need that truck working!) to improve our heavy, clay soil; some new small tools, including shovels (because we went so hard this year we broke TWO shovel handles!) and a cordless drill for building and fixing structures;
  • greenhouse grade plastic sheeting for hoop houses – hopefully in time to start seedlings, but also for use drying herbs come Summer;

and surely lots of things we haven’t yet thought of.

The shares will be carefully curated herbs appropriate to the season and your household’s needs. You might get a 2oz bottle of one type of tincture, or two 1oz bottles of two types. Same with the salves and the dried herbs; you might get two ounces of one type, or smaller amounts of several types. This will depend in part on what grows well, as is the nature of CSAs. But we can promise they will be helpful, effective herbal allies for you to share with friends and family. By the end of the year, you’ll have a well-stocked herbal medicine chest (and/or a lot of awesome stocking stuffers)!

Other perks of membership include:

  • No need to pay shipping on anything! Any order you place over the course of the month can be picked up with your share. If you’re having your share shipped, we’ll add it to the box, even if that means using a bigger box. (If you need something immediately, and can’t wait for pickup week, you may still need to pay for shipping. We’ll do what we can.)
  • Get a 25% off code to use twice over the course of the year! Good on almost anything!
  • Get exclusive discounts on particularly abundant herbs or potions!
  • Cool Points, redeemable in many social circles, for nurturing your health and wholeness while supporting a woman-owned, family run Herb Farm and Apothecary!


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