Body Polish

Gentle scrub for sensitive skin.

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Scrub in sweetness and rub your cares away with this delightful goop. Organic Fair Trade Sugar granules gently scrub away unneeded cells, while Raw Honey and Organic, Fair Trade Coconut Oil soothe skin, forming a protective barrier.

Each variety contains these 3 ingredients and the plant they’re named for. That’s it. Four simple, edible ingredients make this scrub perfect for even the most delicate skin.

Rose is soothing and healing and toning to skin and encourages new cell growth. These rose petals were gathered on the southern tip of Ocean City across the inlet from Assateague Island and were immediately preserved in linden-flower honey from the Ukraine.

Satsuma are tangerines with a sweet, sultry scent, reminiscent of a tropical breeze. As with most citrus, the smell is uplifting and cheering, perfect for bringing a little sunshine into your Winter Wonderland. The Satsuma zest in this potion is freshly scraped from USA organic fruits, so you don’t have to wonder about hidden chemicals; you can relax and feel the sweet clean.

White Pine towers over us, shielding and protecting us, remaining green and vibrant through the Winter. When I was a small child, before I’d had many of my suspicions about the power of plants corroborated, I learned from a friend’s mom that White Pine needles held enough protein to sustain someone lost in the woods for a few days. Here, now, are those same magical needles, wildcrafted in Winter, ready to clear away the dead cells and breathe life back into your skin.

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Satsuma, White Pine, Beach Rose, Sugar Magnolia

1 review for Body Polish

  1. C. Jackson

    I love these! They smell great and I appreciate that they don’t have essential oils, so I feel good using them in my children’s bath. (My kids are little divas!)
    When are you going to make another???

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