Balancing Gift Set

Maracoc/Passionflower tincture, Lip Balm, and Unakite



Heal and ground emotional energy with a 2oz tincture of Maracoc/Passionflower, a bracelet or pendant of Unakite, and a soothing lip balm, all for only $40!
Maracoc has been such a blessing this year. Immediately takes the edge off anxiety attacks, reduces headaches and insomnia, and warms my heart with her stunning good looks (so stunning, her likeness graces my logo!)
Unakite, in greens and pinks, is a specific aid to the heart . It eases the processing of trauma and anger while helping you become more grounded and even-keeled.
And so much passes through your lips, they need a little love, too. 💕


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