Waxing Weeks are open times at our Berkeley Spring location when people can come camp and engage in a wide variety of wholesome, healthy, educational, and ecological activities.

Waxing Weeks, Summer 2021:

  • Friday June 18 through Thursday June 24
  • Friday July 16 through Sunday July 25
  • Monday August 16 through Sunday August 22

Please note: we had created a form for people to fill out, letting us know they were coming. Unfortunately, as we are not paying for our website and are using the freebie versions of everything, they don’t all work correctly. So we don’t actually have access to the entries to the form.

We have corrected the problem, and it is working now. If you already filled this out and would prefer to just email us, feel free: mail@insideoutwholeness.net

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We have limited spaces to camp and limited parking spots, so please let us know as soon as you know when you want to come. It’s not too early to tell us you’re coming in August! And if you need to borrow a tent or sleeping bag, please let us know. If you have extra camping supplies you wouldn’t mind sharing, you can tell us that, too. Thanks!!!